Samurai Jack: the drinking game

samuraijackJust yesterday a couple of my friends and I sat down to watch the first five or six episodes of Samurai Jack, an old Cartoon Network show that wasn’t all that bad! Kind of on a whim, we came up with a fairly simple five-part drinking game, should any of us ever feel the need.

  1. Take a drink whenever someone (usually Jack) unsheathes his sword and it makes a shiiiiing noise. The noise is crucial.
  2. Take a drink whenever there is a close-up of Jack’s face and his eyebrows are tense, with visible wrinkle lines.
  3. Take a drink at the start of every slow motion sequence. For long sequences, you don’t have to keep drinking. We’re not advocating death.
  4. Take a drink every time the screen splits to show multiple characters or actions. Hardcore mode: take a drink for every split.
  5. Finish your drink every time something is reflected in Jack’s sword. This one is rarer, but much much cooler.

Remember, binge drinking is bad, kiddos.