A Finals Week recap

Monday. Gosh, I should study for the tests and things I have to do. Or at least do some work on the mostly-optional computer science work, which is due this week.

(runs off to play Poker Night 2)

Tuesday. Let’s take a test over computer organization. Let’s somehow screw up a single small part of one problem, proceed to misread the directions for the next, and thus completely stumble through about a third of the test, forfeiting the bonus points in the process. Oh, and let’s stay up until three AM trying to finish the project that’s due the next day.

(to his credit, Sam Adams didn’t stay up until three, he stayed up all night, and it still didn’t work—go figure.)

Wednesday. Let’s take a test over matrix theory. A moderately easy class, right? Let’s wake up early, shower and eat, then study all morning. Except let’s have a viciously upset stomach because that always manages to happen during finals week. And let’s manage to study all the wrong things. And let’s see a term on the final that you’ve never seen before: what even is a kernel?

(It’s the null space of a matrix, sure, I know that now, but that didn’t stop me from bombing the test and securing a B+ in the class.)

Then let’s finish up a presentation for computer organization, which you now know you’ve screwed up and still don’t have a working demonstration. Let’s write the demonstration. Let’s revert to an old simple demo, seeing as all the new ones won’t load or work correctly. Let’s keep finding errors in the datapath…an hour before the presentation.

Then, when you’re giving the presentation, let’s have every possible thing go wrong: let’s have the powerpoint file do strange things when converting between formats and cover up bullet points with images. Oh, and let’s have the demonstration file corrupt itself, forcing a compile from scratch. And then let that program, which was working literally an hour ago, break and function incorrectly.

(but, get points for style.)

Thursday. Let’s take a test over the history of rock and roll. Let’s not do so great on it but still secure a 96% in the class. Let’s also take a test over Unix, miss one question, and secure a 98% in the class. Cool.

Let’s also write the report for computer organization, the process of writing of which is full of inside jokes and good music. Let’s regret a lot about the class and the project. Let’s not care, get it done early, and call it good. Even with a few bunches of screwy wiring.

With that, I’m done. No more judgements of knowledge, at least not for a few months. Good riddance.