Jobs are weird.

This week’s been kind of a busy one. After almost the entire month with nothing, this happens.

Early this week, in search of a job for the summer, my friend Shawnee pointed me to a YMCA job as a camp counselor for the summer. I was asked to come in and train pretty quickly, within the scope of a day, and started catching up with corny DVDs and lots of paperwork.

No later than the drive home was I called by a local Walmart, asking if I was interested in an overnight position. No thanks, mister, I’ve got a better job.

Get home and my dad’s found me a full-time job at UNO, landscaping with a group of who he says are friendly guys, if I’m interested. I think, sure, depending on the hours the Y’s going to give me.

Get another call from Walmart. From a different department in the same store, asking roughly the same question. No thanks.

Eventually talk to the Y and get some details nailed down and end up picking the landscaping job. There’s more hours and I don’t have to drive myself, which saves more money.

Walmart called me again yesterday, but the hell with that.