My highest hour totals on Steam.

Taken from this website, which seems to work much better if you log in rather than trying to just do a search for a username.

All the games I’ve played more than 10 hours in:

  1. Team Fortress 2, with 2105 hours played. A decent chunk of that is raw idling hours. But I still think more than half is legitimate playtime. Which is insane.
  2. Dungeons of Dredmor, with 170 hours. One of the biggest time sinks ever. There is so much to do here, and so much I haven’t even done.
  3. The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion, with 47 hours. For whatever reason, the site missed this one.
  4. Audiosurf, with 41 hours. This number rocks. Music rocks. Go buy this.
  5. Alien Swarm, with 29 hours played. I didn’t actually realize I’d played this that much. Just goes to show you, free games with only one campaign can be fun too.
  6. Super Monday Night Combat, with 27 hours. It’s my understanding that basically no one plays this game anymore. It was fun but was ultimately too finnicky and hard.
  7. Monday Night Combat, with 26 hours. Billed as TF2 with turrets, it was some weird combination of that and a more traditional third-person shooter. It worked reasonably well and I played it quite a bit for a while.
  8. The Binding of Isaac, with 24 hours. This game is hard hard hard and remains fun fun fun. I lost a bit of the spark to play this after a friend of mine got much much better at it than I ever did, and beat the game (or got really close). Hey Andy. Fuck you.
  9. Borderlands, with 23 hours. I think a few of those were lost to my computer overheating and slowing down, before I figured out what was wrong. Still a game that needed friends to finish.
  10. Portal 2, with 21 hours. Both campaigns were lots of fun and occasionally jumping into community puzzles is good fun too.
  11. Bit Trip Runner 2, with 19 hours. I’m going to beat this game. This number’s going to go up.
  12. Fallout: New Vegas, with 17 hours. The world is just so big and it’s easy to get lost in it.
  13. Cubemen, with 14 hours. A great relaxing game. I played most of the levels through, though.
  14. Bastion, with 13 hours. I keep meaning to go back and grab some of the endgame achievements, but it never happens. Still a fantastic work.
  15. Poker Night 2, with 12 hours. I’m going to unlock all of the items if it kills me. And it might.
  16. 10,000,000, with 12 hours. This game was a really fun time waster, easy to pick up and put down.
  17. And Terraria, with 11 hours.