Thomas Was Alone review


Thomas Was Alone is a very simple game. You begin the game as Thomas, a nondescript red rectangle, with the goal of reaching the end of the level.

Once you start getting further into the game, though, the atmosphere changes. Thomas isn’t alone. Thomas is a computer AI, let loose in some simulation, the story of which is told briefly through quotes of humans on the outside, the programmers and design leads and other vaguely important people.

The game itself plays like any other minimalist platformer, with solid mechanics, constant innovation through the entire game, and clear level design. It also tosses in a little bit of Bastion (or perhaps LittleBigPlanet), where each character’s thoughts are narrated by Danny Wallace in a well-done infusion of personality.

The soundtrack works like the rest of the game, lending tension to tense moments and soothing to calm moments. It flows well with the other elements of the game.

Ultimately a relatively easy and short ride. I have four hours logged and all the achievements, most of which are simply finding the secret squares in various levels, and the others which will be found simply through playing the game. But it’s not just about being an epic journey, it’s about having fun, and I certainly did.