A reaction to the Game Grumps actions.

grumpsI wouldn’t consider myself hip to much of the YouTube, “Let’s Play” world. I don’t care for a lot of the shit on the tubes. It’s stupid and in the case of YouTube can suck up a lot of time without actually accomplishing anything. So for a long time I didn’t play the subscriber game, didn’t follow any channels, didn’t fall in love with any internet celebrities. Things were simpler back then.

I don’t actually remember how I got introduced to the Game Grumps. Perhaps it was a cross-link from something related to Egoraptor, whose animation I was introduced to with Metal Gear Awesome, one of the most hilarious videos of my childhood. (And even still.) JonTron, his cohost, was somebody I hadn’t gotten too much into. (And in all fairness, I still haven’t gone back to very much of his own videos.)

But the Game Grumps was funny. Above all else. Arin was the straight man, determined to complain. Jon was the loud slightly-overweight funny guy. When Arin was happy, it was a great time, because it was so rare. That’s why he’s Grump. When Jon was happy, he sang or screamed or made up words. Which was often. Hence not-so-Grump.

Within the space of a day, three things happened: an announcement was made that Jon was leaving the show to focus on his own channel, which had been neglected for months. What he was really doing was a little up in the air.

Then a new Game Grumps came out, featuring a personality (Danny) who I don’t know playing with Arin. I didn’t mind him so much but he is definitely as smart or smarter than Arin and is also a straight guy. How he’ll fit into the Grump show is anyone’s guess. His entrance was neutral.

Then a new show under the Game Grumps channel, Steam Train, came out, where Danny (same dude) and someone else whose name I am already forgetting (Eric? Shit I don’t know) pledge to play PC games new and old. They opened with Hotline Miami, a really fun game, but they open by playing it with a controller, which kind of defeats the purpose. Sure, a controller works fine for some Steam games, but Hotline Miami??? That’s a silly move. That and their first episode wasn’t very strong.

Coming in later, the internet finds out that apparently Jon is moving and may potentially have had a bit of a falling out with Arin. Who really knows the truth. The show will no doubt be weaker with Jon gone and I think every single person knows it. It might continue on and be something good in its own right, but what we had was a lot of fun.

Recognizing an opportunity (and having wanted to do this for a while), a friend of mine and I ordered “HEY I’M GRUMP”, “I’M NOT SO GRUMP” shirts, still featuring the (now slightly outdated) Arin and the (now apparently entirely obselete) Jon cartoon heads.

We’ll see if Danny or the Steam Train pan out, but for now, thanks, Game Grumps, for many a laugh.