What Goes On: a list of Beatles anomalies

A link to a website found here.

This is an incredible collection of anomalies, defined as anything that sounds like it ought not to be there. Plenty of the more minor things, such as clicks and clacks of recording equipment being switched around and tracks being used are mostly gone from the newer remasters (at least they are from my 2009 stereo remasters) but there remains plenty of crud to look through.

Almost every song has some sort of vague mishap, though of particular note is the Yellow Submarine album, which has plenty of strange clicks (mostly mastered away now) as well as background voices (which have been partially mastered back in). Hey Jude has a “fucking hell” in the middle of it, yes, in the version played on the radio the world over. Blackbird’s tapping is a mechanical metronome. Helter Skelter was played, well, helter skelter (and Ringo has the blisters). The end of While My Guitar Gently Weeps is hosed up by almost everyone playing.

There’s plenty more, and at the very least it gave me an excuse to listen to some more obscure Beatles songs. Well worth a bit of time.