The new school year.

Four days of the new school year down. That wasn’t so hard, right?

Thus far, I’ve dropped a class and added a new one…so where my earliest class was previously at 9:30, it is now at 7:30. This doesn’t seem fair, but it’s all I could do in the situation.

Lesson officially learned: don’t take a majority of difficult classes in a semester, particularly if you’re taking 17 credit hours of things. That is a fast track to being overwhelmed.

So, after the change, I’m in Spanish (because I need two years of a language and Spanish is the easiest choice), Physics (because Physics minor), and two separate computer science classes, Software Engineering (so that I can work in a team) and Programming Language Concepts (so I can use lots of programming languages or something).

In addition, I’m working a few hours a week in the computer lab, basically resetting passwords for people and occasionally helping people with their programming questions. It ain’t much, but it’s easy cash for homework time.

I’m feeling a little stressed, even after the schedule change, because there’s a lot of time required for a lot of things. But we’ll see how the year goes.