Homecoming week in review!

First of all, what a busy heck of a week. It’s homecoming week in Nebraska, which means a lot of silly competition, long days, and longer nights.

Things kicked off Sunday with a 5K Fun Run around campus and back, which I ran in a mock jail suit I have. You know, prisoner running away from the police kind of thing. I ran the whole thing, to my credit (since I haven’t run a 5K since high school cross country) and promptly collapsed into a bright orange heap. I didn’t actually feel better for three or four days. Stairs are hard!

Monday was Monday Night Live, a large skit-off between all the participating Greek houses, residence halls, and student organizations. You can see our entry in my previous post, which we won Monday Night Live with! This was a lot of fun, despite some late nights spent practicing with some very encouraging (and tired) folks.

Tuesday and Wednesday there was a blood drive, which is a train I do not ride. Thursday there was a country music concert, which is a train I do not ride.

But Friday was the parade, with lots of floats and banners and things, which Neihardt participated in, minus me, because I was Neihardt’s candidate for the Homecoming Biggest Fan! The competition is between, again, all the halls/Greeks/organizations, and there is a three-round elimination contest where each potential jester gets a very short amount of time (15 seconds!) to woo the judges and encourage a crowd to cheer. I placed second behind a girl who could twirl and throw a baton, which I fully regard as cheating—you can’t enter a talent competition with an actual talent!

In all seriousness, though, she well deserved it. She got pictures taken and had the chance to meet Jack Hoffman, the namesake of the Huskers’ Team Jack movement, which is really cool!

Today was the conclusion of the big week with the homecoming game against Illinois, meeting for the first time since 1986. With Illinois on a hot streak, the Blackshirts in question, and Taylor still injured, I think I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t worried. The World-Herald pre-game score prediction was 35-30, which I didn’t see as being too far off.

What ended up happening was far more spectacular. The Blackshirts lived up to their name for most of the game, Tommy Armstrong, RKIII, Ameer Abdullah, and Kenny Bell led the offense to big plays and big points early, and the only real problems came after we had built up a sizable lead in the second half. All in all, fun to watch, and plenty to cheer for, though it could certainly have been a little warmer.

Now I’m exhausted, and facing the first night to myself in a long long time. I think I’ll go play video games and forget everything for a while.