Manfighter Developer Log: new blog!

So I’m working on a small text-based fighting game called Manfighter, in which you fight mans. Because I like to program things like this, and because I like to talk about the things I program, I decided to put up a blog to keep track of my thoughts on the game as it progresses.

That blog can be found here:, and contains links to the GitHub page as well as a first post explaining the concept of the game and the direction I want to take it.

In the near future, there will be easily-playable release versions of the game in .jar format so more people can download it and give it a whirl. I’m hoping to work on it all throughout this semester, so stay tuned — day-to-day updates will stay exclusively on the Manfighter blog but major releases / other profound topics will be crosslinked here. Thanks for checking it out!