One week until the summer.

Well, I almost beat another semester of college. I don’t usually make mopey dopey posts like this but lots of things are changing and I want to talk about them a bit.

Next week I’m taking four tests: a Spanish test that I almost don’t need to take, which I have been almost given the answers to; a physics test, which I do not feel adequately prepared for and am willing to accept a moderate grade on in order to get a B and leave; a calculus test, which I will continue to study for, but will be relatively straightforward (which will finish a math minor); and a computer science test, which I believe I understand well enough to slip through, particularly considering my performance on the other two exams.

Then I move all my junk from college into a family friend’s house, here in Lincoln, where I’ve finally found a computer science internship. In fact I’ll be working for Hudl, who is well-known for doing good work and being very laid-back in their work environment and directly preparing interns for real jobs because, well, they’re working real jobs.

If you had asked me maybe three months ago if I’d be working for Hudl over the summer, I’d have told you “hell no.” I never thought they’d show interest in a guy like myself, who has experience limited to a classroom for the most part, and no easy way to demonstrate his relatively strong people skills. But the Hudl interview process was very well put together, was a measure not only of what I had already learned but of my capacity to learn more, and indeed was the only company to extend me an offer.

Granted, when they offered me a job I mostly quit applying to other places. Two other companies subsequently turned me down, one after two lengthy phone interviews (vaguely reasonably well done) and one incredibly awkward phone interview (not every engineer is also good at talking to people, though he was good at talking about SQL). Didn’t matter. My short-term dream, my ideal summer, had come together. Which was really neat.

This will be the first time I’ll be staying somewhere that isn’t my house or a dorm, where people generally take care of me. I’m not going to say I’m not nervous, both for a challenging job and for living on my own (sort of). Because I am.

After the summer ends, I’ll be moving into an apartment with three of my friends from college. Which should be interesting. If things go well this summer with Hudl, I’ll stay on during the year working part-time. The current plan is to knock out my language requirement (with one Spanish class) and my physics minor (with an astronomy class and lab) in one swoop.

So here we go.