Stand up!

So, at Hudl, the team is split up into squads of 8 or so, and every morning our squad does what’s called a “stand-up,” where we stand in a circle and talk about what we worked on the day before and what we’re going to be working on today. It’s just a quick opportunity to stay up-to-date on what everyone’s doing.

One of my coworkers has been trying to, if he remembers, play the beginning of the Ludacris song, Stand Up. Which is great, but it devolves into rap or whatever pretty quickly, so the effect is limited. So, on company time because company-related work, I made a short version that just loops the opening 8 seconds or so.

You can grab that here. That’s in my Dropbox, so it won’t be there forever, but you can always email me if you’re really curious. I’m pretty happy with how it came out.