Friendly people.

So today I was at Barnes and Noble, doing the thing that I always do — looking at the World War II books, because I’m a big fan of WWII stuff. I was mostly just browsing when a girl who was looking at books down the aisle came up and said hi.

She asked if I’d read any of the books up there, and if I had a favorite. I pointed out Flyboys, which might be my second-favorite book (behind Ender’s Game), The Pacific War, which I haven’t read all the way through but is one of the most complete sources about the USA-Japan conflict, and Band of Brothers, which was the book that they made an HBO series out of.

She seemed genuinely interested, told me she liked history but preferred Civil War-era stuff, which there aren’t quite as many books written about. She asked where I was going to school, I told her, and she said she was actually going to school in South Dakota and was just down for the week visiting family.

We chit-chatted for just a bit longer before she said see ya, and thanks. It was really nice to have a brief, friendly conversation with someone. I hope that happens again.