First draft of college football map

This does have a specific long-term purpose, and no I’m not telling you what it is. Suffice to say it’s entirely too enormous for me to probably complete.

Regardless. This map shows all 73 NCAA D-1A (the FBS) schools in an automatically-qualifying conference as of 2013 (check Wikipedia’s page for more information), with some semi-arbitrary paths between schools of the same conference. The Big Ten is red, the Pac-12 is green, the ACC is blue, the AAC is yellow, the Big 12 is orange, and the SEC is purple. (And Notre Dame is black, but screw them.)

I switched Rutgers and Maryland just because I know off the top of my head that they’re switching to the Big Ten come the 2014 season (thought the basis is a year old). I didn’t check any other schools.

Hopefully I’ll talk more about this in a while.