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Let’s revisit Kenny Bell’s Wisconsin block.

If you don’t know what I’m talking about or don’t remember, this Deadspin article covers it pretty well. (And plays it in slow-motion, which is fantastic.)

Let’s dial up the original gif, in all its glory:

Kenny Bell

Fantastic. Now, what happens if we, ah, take Kenny out?

not actually Kenny Bell

Not only does this prove even harder that this was a technically clean hit, it also looks like something out of goddamn Paranormal Activity.

Happy Halloween!

Miami 31, Nebraska 41

First, I want to express how happy I am that Nebraska beat Miami. I would have rather lost to McNeese (on principle) than lose to Miami.

Second, I knew that Ameer Abdullah was really good, but this game could be a season-defining performance. His total dominance and inability to be tackled were legendary, and carried the Huskers to victory.

Third, there was a Miami fan sitting at the very front of my part of the student section, and while he wasn’t exactly being quiet, he still put up with a hell of a lot of abuse from a couple drunk guys a few rows behind me. I gave him a “good game” as I was leaving and I think he appreciated it.

Fourth, a brief story: after Miami took the field and the game was almost ready to start, two banners popped up in the South student section: one saying “WELCOME” and another with the Miami U logo.

This was interesting. I don’t know if we’ve ever welcomed anyone quite so graciously — we clap for their starters but that’s about it.

Then the U disappeared, and I’ll let this picture show what popped up in its place:

Welcome to your worst nightmare


First draft of college football map

This does have a specific long-term purpose, and no I’m not telling you what it is. Suffice to say it’s entirely too enormous for me to probably complete.

Regardless. This map shows all 73 NCAA D-1A (the FBS) schools in an automatically-qualifying conference as of 2013 (check Wikipedia’s page for more information), with some semi-arbitrary paths between schools of the same conference. The Big Ten is red, the Pac-12 is green, the ACC is blue, the AAC is yellow, the Big 12 is orange, and the SEC is purple. (And Notre Dame is black, but screw them.)

I switched Rutgers and Maryland just because I know off the top of my head that they’re switching to the Big Ten come the 2014 season (thought the basis is a year old). I didn’t check any other schools.

Hopefully I’ll talk more about this in a while.


Three cool cars.


Oh, mama, I’m in fear for my life from the long arm of the law.


The Elder One himself.


Despite the name, it did not go soisoisoisoi.