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A Totally Ordinary Scattergun

One of my proudest moments, captured on screenshot from NETWAR in Omaha.

totally ordinary


Let’s revisit Kenny Bell’s Wisconsin block.

If you don’t know what I’m talking about or don’t remember, this Deadspin article covers it pretty well. (And plays it in slow-motion, which is fantastic.)

Let’s dial up the original gif, in all its glory:

Kenny Bell

Fantastic. Now, what happens if we, ah, take Kenny out?

not actually Kenny Bell

Not only does this prove even harder that this was a technically clean hit, it also looks like something out of goddamn Paranormal Activity.

Happy Halloween!

Miami 31, Nebraska 41

First, I want to express how happy I am that Nebraska beat Miami. I would have rather lost to McNeese (on principle) than lose to Miami.

Second, I knew that Ameer Abdullah was really good, but this game could be a season-defining performance. His total dominance and inability to be tackled were legendary, and carried the Huskers to victory.

Third, there was a Miami fan sitting at the very front of my part of the student section, and while he wasn’t exactly being quiet, he still put up with a hell of a lot of abuse from a couple drunk guys a few rows behind me. I gave him a “good game” as I was leaving and I think he appreciated it.

Fourth, a brief story: after Miami took the field and the game was almost ready to start, two banners popped up in the South student section: one saying “WELCOME” and another with the Miami U logo.

This was interesting. I don’t know if we’ve ever welcomed anyone quite so graciously — we clap for their starters but that’s about it.

Then the U disappeared, and I’ll let this picture show what popped up in its place:

Welcome to your worst nightmare


First draft of college football map

This does have a specific long-term purpose, and no I’m not telling you what it is. Suffice to say it’s entirely too enormous for me to probably complete.

Regardless. This map shows all 73 NCAA D-1A (the FBS) schools in an automatically-qualifying conference as of 2013 (check Wikipedia’s page for more information), with some semi-arbitrary paths between schools of the same conference. The Big Ten is red, the Pac-12 is green, the ACC is blue, the AAC is yellow, the Big 12 is orange, and the SEC is purple. (And Notre Dame is black, but screw them.)

I switched Rutgers and Maryland just because I know off the top of my head that they’re switching to the Big Ten come the 2014 season (thought the basis is a year old). I didn’t check any other schools.

Hopefully I’ll talk more about this in a while.


Three cool cars.


Oh, mama, I’m in fear for my life from the long arm of the law.


The Elder One himself.


Despite the name, it did not go soisoisoisoi.