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New main blog!

This time, it’s a move. I’m moving to my own hot cool domain! I’ll link you to the intro page: as well as the homepage:

Suffice to say, it’s more fun and fulfilling than just writing using the changing interface of WordPress.

I’m going to backport all the good posts from this website, so this may not be around forever. I’m not sure yet what’ll happen to the alternate blogs I have on WordPress, they’ll stick around for now but I have no long-term plans.

Thanks for reading, please keep doing so!


Notebook Drawings: new blog!

Just a heads-up, known to those of you following me on Twitter: I scanned bits and pieces of my childhood notebooks and am getting the best of the best and posting them to another blog, along with some names and concepts and other things I wrote up back in my creative heyday.

You can follow that blog separately over at if you’re interested (or follow the link up top), I won’t post about it much here.

And just a friendly reminder, the Manfighter Dev Log (link also above) is still alive and kicking, progress is slow and steady!

Manfighter Developer Log: new blog!

So I’m working on a small text-based fighting game called Manfighter, in which you fight mans. Because I like to program things like this, and because I like to talk about the things I program, I decided to put up a blog to keep track of my thoughts on the game as it progresses.

That blog can be found here:, and contains links to the GitHub page as well as a first post explaining the concept of the game and the direction I want to take it.

In the near future, there will be easily-playable release versions of the game in .jar format so more people can download it and give it a whirl. I’m hoping to work on it all throughout this semester, so stay tuned — day-to-day updates will stay exclusively on the Manfighter blog but major releases / other profound topics will be crosslinked here. Thanks for checking it out!

A short introduction.

I’ve decided to switch my silly blogging escapades over to this new site here, from the old Tumblr account. Not that the interface for Tumblr wasn’t dead simple and easy to use, two things I liked, but all the absolute shit that populates that website was too silly to handle.

I’ve decided to run through all my posts on the old site and grab the important and interesting ones and throw them up over here. Sort of a best-of-the-last-two-and-a-half-years thing. I intend to delete the old blog in some reasonable stretch of time so if there was anything pressing you wanted, you should do something about it sooner than later.

So, welcome!