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Nebraska 31, McNeese State 24

What an… interesting game, with a great finish. Couple notes:

The band played Everything is Awesome, the song from the Lego Movie, during the 3rd quarter. That was neat.

Westerkamp had another crazy one-handed catch, and he laid himself out for a third but that one got called back on a penalty. I think Westercatch is a real nickname now. As long as he never returns punts.

My dad texted me, “AMEER FOR PRESIDENT!!” directly after the end of the game, and it made me laugh a lot.

Finally, a super-serious analysis / post-game short video of condolence from, click here.


The ice bucket challenge!

Apparently this is a thing that people do, so I did it. You’re up, roomies!

Is Tropical – “Dancing Anymore”

I’m not even sure how I was linked to this, but this is a music video unlike any other—summing up both the near-future possibilities of virtual reality and, well, the disgusting mind of a boy.

This contains mostly-naked women (and some men too), and is certainly not safe for work. Enjoy at your own risk.

[edit: also worth checking out is the same band’s video, The Greeks, which contains much cartoon blood and explosions but is also interesting in its execution.]