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Tunnel Walk of Shame does Nebrasketball

The Tunnel Walk of shame is a website run by a big Husker fan who likes to take the players and coaches through a image/text journey every time there’s a game coming up. It’s generally funny stuff, particularly for those who understand Husker football culture reasonably well.

Well, in the spirit of the basketball team’s trip to the tournament, he decided to make fun of all them too, and it’s incredible.



Sam reads the World-Herald

Today’s news is interesting so I felt like writing a bit about it.

Lots of talk about the Pope, who’s now been the Pope for a year, and what this means for Catholics and the general religious everywhere. A generous portion of my family is Catholic, and though I can’t say I believe in anything myself I think the fact that Francis is being more open and conscientiously opening discussion on things that have been set in stone for so long is a step in the right direction.

larry and dougDoug McDermott’s Sports Illustrated cover, which is a remake of an old Larry Bird Sports Illustrated cover, is really well done: even the title of the article is the same. It’s interesting that they showed Doug’s feet (they didn’t show Larry’s) and had him cover the magazine name, which makes him look an awful lot taller. It’s also interesting how much uniform shapes have changed (I like the old look better, but I think that’s just me).

The article about Pastor Mike, who attended both Creighton’s Senior Night (in which McDermott exploded and hit the 3000 career points mark) as well as Nebraska’s defeat of Wisconsin (all but clinching an NCAA spot for the first time in 16 years) was excellent. Full of biblical jokes and things, but chilling, in a way: really, that was a heck of a weekend for basketball, and for the state in general. These things don’t happen every year.

The GOP is as per usual staunchly defending their views on abortion, and are apparently planning to make social issues in general a more major part of the platform come the 2016 race. I think it’s a bunch of hooey, and I think the GOP will keep losing support and interest (and power) if they keep on like this.

Obama and the Ukrainian Prime Minister met. Basically everyone but Russia wants Russia out of Crimea. I won’t lie and say that the situation doesn’t worry me a bit, because it does! I’m not old enough to remember when Russia was legitimately scary and this is a step in that direction, despite the hugely changed world. I hope that this works out as cleanly as possible. I’m glad I’m not in politics.

All the Nebraska DMVs are going to shut down for four days in April so their employees can be trained on new licensing rules. I don’t know if this has happened recently but anyone with a cool 16th birthday in April who wants their permit is going to have to wait!

Jackie Gaughan passed away. I’ll be perfectly honest, I didn’t know very much about the man before this article. His name is on the Multicultural Center attached to the UNL Union, and I’ve only ever been there for quiz bowls and occasional soap carving meetings, nothing cultural or multicultural at all. Apparently his grandson donated some large sum of money to have his name put on it when it was built, it wasn’t strictly an honorary thing (which I had always figured). Still, interesting to read.

The SAT is getting even easier. Whether this is to compete with the ACT or just to be less imposing, the changes still read as the continuance of “everybody’s a winner, everyone does well, everyone can go to college and be super successful.” I’m not a test maker but yeesh.

Erin Grace still has a weird smile.

People think there aren’t enough women protagonists in movies. They might be right. People think that male-led movies make more money. They’re generally wrong, it’s dependent on budget alone apparently. So why the disconnect? All I can offer is a shrug and an “Iunno” and a “that’s how it’s been and change is hard.”

Europe wants to stop United States from using names like “Parmesan” and “feta” and “Gorgonzola” to describe their cheeses. Parmesan cheese is supposed to come from Parma, Italy. Feta is from Greece (just because it always has been). Other cheeses, like Muenster and Asiago and Romano, as well as other terms like Greek yogurt, bologna, and prosciutto are under fire. This sounds pretty asinine. If you serve a Philly cheesesteak in Germany, you deserve to call it a Philly because that’s what it is.

That’s all for today!