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Buying a new desktop

My old laptop is hitting it hard, and with the eventual move to an apartment with a bigger desk, I decided to build a new computer for myself, as a good-job-saving-your-paychecks reward. Just wanted to briefly talk about it here, since I think I got a pretty good deal on it and it was fun to put together. A friend of mine knew what to look for and was generally very helpful and good company; good job Tom.

I already had a monitor / keyboard / mouse so those weren’t an issue, which helped, but I put together a pretty quick rig for about $700, which was perfectly reasonable (and is relatively easy to expand in the future).

The case was honestly just a regular bargain case that the motherboard would fit in. It was a tight fit but it works fine. I didn’t need no damn flashy case, nor would I want to order anything but black, given the chance.

The motherboard I understand less about. According to some sources on the internet, it has a good cost/power ratio, and is relatively modern. I also may have gotten some deal on it; it’s currently out of stock which makes me think there was some special going on.

The graphics card is (if I remember right) the same card Tom has in his case (or perhaps a model newer). Again, good cost/power ratio. New cards are always overpriced and old cards, well, are old. Thus far it plays every game I’ve tried on maximum settings (Crysis 2 being the most significant, but it ran on all Ultra settings!).

The power supply is a power supply. It specifically is about 1.5x the power consumption of everything in the box, and that’s really it.

The CPU computes things and doesn’t afraid of anything. I don’t know a lot about these numbers either. This and the motherboard were the difficult ones.

The SSD stores things. SSDs are the way of the future, and it’s seriously noticeable how quick it is. Windows boots in seconds here where it can take twenty minutes to uncork itself on my big laptop. It’s not huge but I don’t need the space yet and storage is always getting cheaper (and can be increased without any real problems).

The RAM is big. I don’t think there is much finesse to purchasing RAM. You just want more of it. The motherboard has room for twice as much as is in it now, so this is again easily upgradeable.

My first, big Asus laptop I named “George,” sarcastically, because my dad made fun of me when I first got it in the vein of Lenny from Of Mice and Men, or really the abominable snowman from Looney Tunes (specifically the quote “and I will hug him and squeeze him and call him George!”). When I got my netbook, George Jr. (or most accurately george-jr, no spaces or periods allowed) was the most obvious next name. So what’s the name of this new desktop, the fastest thing I’ve owned?

King George.