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Working for the man.

So I’m staying home from work today due to a serious sickness. It’s been a while since I’ve felt this sick — unable to stand properly, sore all over, nose running like a faucet, the works. And with Hearthstone down, I figure this is as good a time as any to talk about my job and the summer in general.

Working at Hudl has been a reasonably positive experience the entire month or so I’ve been here. Almost everyone at the office is a really cool person, easy to get along with, straight shooters everywhere. Work is managed well and everyone seems to know what they’re doing, or at least where things are going.

I got a little unlucky when I first started up in that the section of the company I was going to be doing QA for had a serious lack of developers for some time: one had a kid, one had (has) a sick family, and one was helping the dev intern get his feet wet. So I won’t lie and say I wasn’t super bored for quite a while. I helped other people when I could, but it was a slow time.

With things being rearranged and more and more people joining the team every week, things have picked up reasonably, and everything is going fine. QA is fine. It’s definitely not the “throw-it-over-the-wall” mentality, every team is deeply involved with every aspect of their own team’s work. I appreciate my role in the squad. It is necessary and I have done just fine, in my own opinion.

Tell you what, though, it’s not glamorous.

I knew this going in, of course. If you had asked me around the turn of the calendar year if I’d be working at Hudl in the summer, I’d have told you no way in hell. The fact that I’m here at all is brilliant. But I know now for sure that quality assurance is not something I pine for.

Which is fine. We can’t all love our jobs. And really it’s not bad. I’m not miserable. I’m not even unhappy. Hudl has done a lot for me, in handing me a job and a temporary housing stipend and lunches and a cast of great characters.

But if I was picking my dream job, it wouldn’t be QA. It might be development. It really might be design, which sounds so hokey to a lot of people but really intrigues me. Truthfully I’m not sure what pushes all my buttons quite yet. I have time.

As of yesterday, the summer was officially 1/3 over, for me, at least in terms of how I think of things. I moved into the house I’m staying at for the summer on May 9th, and I move into my apartment for the school year on August 9th. So, one month down. Sure, there’s a week or something before school starts after the August date, but it’s scary realizing that summer is really quick.

I’m reasonably sure that I’ll be able to continue working at Hudl part-time through the school year, it seems to have been mentioned plenty already but nothing’s been set in stone. And I aim to do that — I think it’ll help to have some pressure in my limited time working there, instead of having gobs of unstructured time in between tests. And somebody’s gotta pay my rent.