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Communication at GitHub and the Sparano Scale™

Two links; ribbed, for your pleasure.

The first one is a list of 15 rules for communicating at GitHub. Like everything else involved in communication, they’re not hard and fast rules, but they’re well-written and I consciously try to follow some of them at my own workplace. That link is here: http://ben.balter.com/2014/11/06/rules-of-communicating-at-github/

The second link is a bit sillier: it’s a way to categorize everything ever into four easy-to-remember categories: Not Good™, which implies that a thing is so bad as to not even be considered good (this is the second-largest category); Not Great™, which implies that a thing has good qualities but has not jumped the fence (this is the largest category); Good™, which implies a thing is overall pleasing and positive but may have minor flaws or mistakes (the second-smallest category); and Great™, which implies a fantastic idea, masterful execution, and being near what you might consider perfection (which is not a Category™ but you might push it yourself). That link is here: http://oxidedesign.com/the-sparano-scale/